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Thai Town

THAI TOWN was officially designated as a distinct ethnic and cultural district within East Hollywood by the City Council on October 27, 1999. Since 1965, East Hollywood has traditionally served as the point of entry for Thai immigrants coming to Los Angeles and the United States. Los Angeles is home to the world’s first and only Thai Town and has the largest Thai population outside of Thailand with roughly 66% percent of all Thai Americans throughout the nation residing in Los Angeles. Thai Town is an area within the East Hollywood section of Council District 13, and is a major economic and cultural hub for the Thai Community of Los Angeles with its high concentration of Thai businesses, residents, and festivals, such as the annual Thai New Year’s Day Songrkan and Thai Cultural Day festivals. Thai Town’s designation has encouraged the promotion of neighborhood pride, multicultural/ethnic exchange, and cultural heritage tourism and thereby also giving the Thai American community a Greater voice in Southern California.