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  • Koreatown is among the most diverse neighborhoods in the United States. Although the Latino community (54%) as a whole is the largest ethnic demographic in Koreatown, Korean-Americans are the single largest national demographic at 23% followed by those of Mexican ancestry at 22%.
  • With its rich diversity, an emergence of a new multiculturalism between the Korean and Latino populations in Koreatown has begun to foreshadow an unprecedented change for American history. Most Korean businesses draw their employees, and in many cases customers, from the surrounding area's large Latino population. The relationship is such that Korean business owners are learning Spanish in increasing rates and Latinos are learning Korean. Several Korean churches and community centers in Koreatown offer free Spanish and Korean to local residents. It is not unusual to find Latino employees in restaurants and grocery stores speaking Korean with customers or Korean store owners engaging Latino customers in Spanish. Moreover, it is common to see Korean American customers eating in Latino restaurants and Latin American customers eating in Korean restaurants. A visual example of this rich and unique cultural exchange between Koreans and Latinos in Koreatown is the recent popularity of Korean inspired taco trucks in LA that feature classic Mexican food items infused with Korean ingredients. Source: Wikipedia