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In an effort to preserve the rich history of Filipino and Filipino Americans in the neighborhood, many community members, organizations and stakeholders continue to work diligently to make Historic Filipinotown a true cultural tourism destination for cultural enthusiasts and all visitors to Los Angeles.

Neighborhood Tips, Cultural facts and Phrases, etc.

  • Nicknames for Historic Filipinotown: “HiFi” or “P-Town”
  • Historic Filipinotown is ethnically and culturally diverse, with Filipinos comprising 20% of the population and Latinos the largest group.
  • St. Columban Filipino Church on Beverly Boulevard and Loma Drive is the oldest Filipino Catholic Church built in the United States. Built after World War II, St. Columban’s also features twin bells in the church belfry which were donated in the early 1950s by the parishioners of Antipolo City (then a town in the Province of Rizal) in the Philippines, which is home to the Virgin Lady of Antipolo.
  • The Filipino (Disciples) Christian Church, located on Union Avenue, is the only Historic Cultural Monument designated by the City of Los Angeles (in May 1998) with Filipino origins, distinguished by its German Gothic Revival and Craftsman architecture. Three to four generations of pioneer families including the Balderamas, Dumapiases, Bitanas, Moraleses, Obillos, and Rallonzas, as well as other descendants such as the Rigors, the Suetoses, the Mendozas, the Nobles and the Deveras continue to worship at or support the church.
  • brae house now The Bonnie Brae House, located at 216 N. Bonnie Brae Street in Historic Filipinotown, is home to where Pentecostals first set off a movement of high-spirited worship at the turn of the 20th Century that today has grown into the world's fastest-growing branch of Christianity. And with Pentecostalism continuing to grow rapidly with more than 500 million participants around the world including Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia– the Bonnie Brae House still sees plenty worship and prayers to this day.
  • Music artist, rapper and producer Apl.de.ap of the world renowned group Black Eyed Peas, grew up in the neighborhood of Historic Filipinotown and attended John Marshall High School in the nearby neighborhood of Los Feliz.
  • Several of Historic Filipinotown’s major crosswalks have been decorated with traditional Filipino basket-weaving patterns designed by Erwin Frederizo, which are also the first ever crosswalks in the City of Los Angeles printed with a design drawn from traditional ethnic patterns. Frederizo also designed HiFi's street banners hanging over Temple Street and Beverly Boulevard, which are also accompanied by special dedicated parols during the holiday season.